Races of Allterra

Humans= classic human stats or variants if chosen.
humans make up 60% in total population. they make great soldiers as they grow fast and have low lifespans and breed like bunnies. humans are mostly commoners as family that try to grow into power often die out or are replace. the two roles that elevate them are Wizards and high ranking soldiers

Dwarves=classic dwarf stats
Dwarfs are craftsmen, merchants and war-priest (clerics), most are still great fighters and worship they gods faithfully even if they are not adventures.

Elves and Half-elves =classic elf and half-elves stats
Elf’s are hard found in the kingdoms making up the Upper-class as Noble houses that manage to work into cites or business, mid class elves are attendance or private body guards. half elves are treated like mid class expected to use there better life span to better themselves.

Half orc= as stats
No real view points most of them tend to be wanders, vagabonds, or thugs. but same Half-orcs are practicing the way of shamanism in the lands and there are ever school of martial arts tribes in the mountains as the monk do not see them as outcast but as a living soul.

Halfling = as stats
Rare to find in allterra in great numbers but not nonexistence they are bards, tradesman, and merchants. most halfling are

Kenku stats= Feather folk
striving for wealth most Kenku work there way into the cities, there have No kingdom of their own but are very organized mostly forming gangs, mobs, and even a rumored syndicate.
Kenku are very well spoken and make great merchant bards and spies sometime all three at once.

Lizard folk = Lizard-folk stats
found in most of the upper kingdoms near the swamps and marshes, there tend to be farmer, fisher, or mercenaries. selling good of all type lizard-folk often make up the black market selling poisons, dangerous herbs, drugs, and the darker sides of trade. there formed the kingdom of Lustria only a hundred years ago.

Cat folk= Fleece-mane
built like lions Fleece-manes are keep holy ties to their beginnings, they are hardworking soldiers, and tradesman. all fleece-mane children are force to learn their history as well as how to fend for oneself by the age of 14. there are considered adult and most leave the house to hearth something of there own, There have no kingdom of there own but own a lands known to most as the wild plains

Note-able Non-playable friendly Races
Jinyu =

Quicklings =


Wild races

Thri kreen=

Skaven (rat folk)

Races of Allterra

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