Gods of Allterra

Ion the white lion-LG= Strength, Healing, Community, Good, Hearth: Favor weapon Longsword
Blessing: twice per day can Cure wounds on self for 2d4+con

Yarn the ash-Snake- NG= Travel, Trade, knowledge, nobility: Favor weapon whip and quarterstaff
blessing: cast identify spell at the cost of 20 gold

Toale the bird of paradise- LG = Law, Good, Air, Protection: Favored weapon Long Bow

blessing: once per day add +1 range attack bonus 5 rounds

Wolen the Life Stag- TN= Glory,Healing, Earth, Animal: Favored weapon long spear
blessing: Once per day may add 2d10 temp Hp for 2hour

Nyx goddess of night-CN= Darkness, Chaos, Trickery, Luck, Trade (Black-market style): Favored weapon short sword and dagger
blessing: gain Advantage to hiding when wearing dark cloak auto pass save throw for zone of truth

Hafestived- LN= Air, Hunt, Storm, and Song: Favored weapon long spear and long bow
blessing: Gain proficiency survival and will never be hit by natural lightning.

will of the wild- TN= weather, Animals, Plants, wilderness, rebirth: Favored weapon Axes natural
blessing: gain scent or and once per day roll Knowledge nature at Advantage

dorgar the forge king (Dwarf)- NG= Strength, Runes, Forge, Fire Favored weapon Hammers, maces, axes
blessing: most spend 5 gold and 2 hour a day to write/pray a rune of strength to any weapon +1 hit for 8 hours.

Throal the king father-(Dwarf) LG= Artifice, Knowledge, Good, Law: Favored weapon battle axe and shield
blessing: at the cost of 10 hp per round you may grant +1 bonus to attack and damage to all friendly allies within 20ft of you, you must hold your weapon in the air and sing glory to kings in dwarven

Neala the blessed beauty (Elf)- NG= Luck, Water, Earth, Nobility: Favored weapon Longsword short spear
blessing: +1 to base Charisma, advantage to

Ryedell master of the Hunt -CN= Fire, Glory, War, Honor, Hunt: Favored weapon any
blessing: one per days add +6 to hit and damage on one attack

Barramundi the Great Fish-CN= Air, Water, Travel, Chaos, Ships; Favored weapon net and trident
blessing: you will always be able to caught at least one fish a day. by eating that one fish you will gain swim speed 10 for the day

Evil Side

Vile of the Lost waste- NE= fear, death, Evil, destruction Favored weapon the nonknown

Baradeen the Blight of nature- CE= Plant, evil, animal, corruption Favored weapon staff

The hollow one CE= Chaos, Evil, War, Fire, Madness

The dark Tide- CE= Evil, Water

Other gods
(Oracles only) The Fate Spinner-TN= Magic, Time, Fate Favored weapon Maces
Blessing: may ask one question to the god once ever full moon (4 weeks)

Myra the white lady of the night NG: knowledge, Nobility, luck, Drink, beauty; Favored weapon: Fist, sling, and bola/ a song and drink is the best way to turn foe to friend.
Blessing: baths will always be hot, drink will always be cold, and bed will always be restful.

Woe the last laugh of life- LN= Darkness, Death, Toil, Comedy; Favored weapon a lantern
Blessing: any lantern you carry or hold will always have a strange colored flame (counts as ever burning)

Eyezoo master of paths- CN= Chaos, Luck, Travel and drink: Favored weapon a barstool
Blessing: 3 times per day may turn a bottle of water in to a bottle of tasteful wine or spirit. cannot be sold but you may share it.

Olden Myth of the arch-LN= Community, Glory, Magic, Fate, Runes Favored weapon any rusty weapon
Blessing: a pond your death you will be greet by the trial of fates.

Gods of Allterra

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